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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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on of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. i'm dana king. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. they punch us in the stomach. they slap us. >> bullied at school. even more troubling is what happened when these two girls spoke up. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. tonight we hear from those bay area fifth graders, girls who tell us they are being bullied, even physically threatened at school, and that teachers aren't doing anything about it. watch what allen martin found when he went to check out the school.
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>> reporter: the school sign proclaims in bold letters, be safe, responsible, respectful. but cooper elementary school in vallejo is anything but, according to these two fifth graders. >> they punch us in the stomach. they slap us. >> reporter: samantha and autumn say they're constantly bullied in school by two brothers. samantha's parents say they knew there was a problem. >> my daughter coming home crying, telling me she was being called names, tramp, whore, slut. >> reporter: but the bullying got much worse. >> he said, i know where you live. i was like, how? i looked at his hand and could see a pocket knife. >> reporter: basically it got to the point where a child pulled a knife. >> a child pulled a nice on our daughter. >> reporter: samantha was too scared to tell her parents but says she did report the
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incident to her principal. >> there's a lot of things happened that we don't even know about it, and they're not privileged to it, because they say it's confidential. >> reporter: patricia says the school solution was to keep the girls inside for recess, which just made things worse. >> my husband was in her room talking to her and found a crumpled up piece of paper and it was a suicide letter. >> reporter: autumn explains what led up to it was a recent incident in class. >> i felt this movement under my desk. i didn't feel safe. i went home crying. and i didn't want to -- i don't know. i really didn't want to -- honestly i didn't want to live that day. >> reporter: we saw similar questionable behavior going on in plain view in the school play ground during a recent undercover visit. the final straw for the girls'
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parents was this torn sweatshirt. samantha said it happened when the boys were chasing her and tried to grab her. with no answers from the school or the district, both families took the matter to the police. the police report admits the boys admitted shoving the girls and making sexually suggestive comments. we wanted to ask the principal about it, but she wouldn't talk to us. they sent us a statement saying, the safety of our students is extremely important. >> the school is not getting to the root of the problem. if it is true, it is what is known as a hostile environment, and the courts have repeatedly urged schools to remedy this. >> honestly, i didn't want to live that day. >> if you hear a child saying this, you have to immediately investigate it, because sadly there are students that don't stop and go the whole way and do take their lives.
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it seems like a highly sexualized culture that's happening in this particular fifth grade. >> reporter: samantha and autumn hope they can make a difference by speaking out. >> my only reason for doing this is because we don't want to deal with this anymore. >> and we don't want other kids to feel the same way that we're feeling. >> reporter: the parents say they allowed their daughters to go on camera because they thought it was important for them to speak out. the case will go to the district attorney next week. >> oh, my heart is breaking. so what about the boys and their families? were you able to contact them? >> what we found out was the boys come from a single-parent home. apparently they're mother left. they're being raised by their father, who is disabled. according to the police report that we got, the father says the school never informed him that the boys were targeting the girls. the girls' families say they sympathize with that but they say the girls shouldn't have to suffer because of that. >> so the girls told the school and it went no further?
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>> apparently, until the police were called. >> all right. and i know you'll stay on it. >> we will. >> okay, allen. thank you. a woman who was stranded sick nights in the sierra may have been saved by a gut feeling and a phone call. >> call it whatever you want but it was meant to be. we weren't going to come back without her. >> this is strange. paula lane's brother found her crawling in the snow last night after a mysterious tip came in from the east coast. a family friend said he had a vision a paula was still alive and she was near a lake. cbs reporter ben has the story of survival. >> i gave her the biggest kiss that i could without hurting her. >> reporter: linda hathaway says it's a miracle her sister survived. paula lane spent six nights stranded in the elements, surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> my sister may be little but
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she's mighty. she's a survivor and she loves life. >> reporter: last thursday, paula and her boind, roderick clifton, were on their way back to nevada from citrus heights. their jeep got stuck in the snow. rod went to find help but never returned. a day later, paula went too. rod didn't survive and time was running out for paula. last night, paula's family told her twin sons that their mother may not be coming home. but shortly after that, her brother found paula in the snowy wildness. >> last night i took my brother's call. and to hear him say, i found her, i found her! i can't explain it for you guys. >> reporter: incredibly, paula not only survived but is expected to fully recover from nothing more severe than minor frostbite. >> she was one very lucky person. i don't know what she did.
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what footwear she had. god's good grace. but she was very lucky. >> reporter: paula is expected to be released from the hospital early next week. her family says she wants to tell her story. in carson city, cbs 5. bay area crabbers are still on strike and say they were not happy today when they spotted an out-of-towner come sailing into the bay with a boatload of crab. this is a live look at the boat at pier 45. local crabbers refused to go out because of a dispute over the price of crab. fishermen were getting $3 a pound at the start of the season. demand went down after thanksgiving, so wholesalers wanted to drop the price to as low as $1.80. things got heated when a boat came in from oregon with a catch. >> i tried to keep the wheel turning, tried to keep
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everything going. >> you gotta go -- nobody is making money. >> negotiations are still going on, but for now, local fish markets and grocery stores are quickly running out of crab. we have developing news in san jose tonight where firefighters are trying to find the source of smoke that's been billowing from a strip mall that houses a number of restaurant, including a panda express. this is near the corner of san felipe. no flames are visible and that's kind of the mystery. firefighters believe it may be something electrical. well, a bizarre saga of john mcafee has ended for now at least, with the software wizard back in a guatemalan jail. the 67-year-old was hospitalized briefly today for chest pains before being taken back to his cell. his lawyer says he did not have a heart attack but is suffering from stress and hypertension. mcafee swept into guatemala
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from neighboring belize and asked for asylum. guatemala said no. they want to question mcafee about his neighbor's murder. he is the toughest law man in the west. bay area students made that clear when they told sheriff joe what they think about him. >> reporter: he's america's toughest sheriff. and joe arpaio admits he courts controversy. he got a dose of that tonight when drag queens invaded his dinner party. the sheriff is in town for a convention. he hoped to also reach out to eighth graders at the middle school who sent him letters. students wrote in spanish their disagreement with his fight against illegal immigrants and his tent prisons in the hot
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desert sun. >> they accused me of running concentration camps. they called me a racist. so i just wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. >> reporter: but he says the district suddenly cancelled his planned meeting. the school district's media rep said she was too busy to explain on camera but denied there ever was a meeting. the sheriff defends arizona's law that allows his deputies to check people's citizenships. >> we have a right to call immigration and check you out. >> reporter: but the sheriff's reach is being investigated by the justice department, a two- year investigation found latino drivers in his county are four to nine times more likely to be pulled other than nonlatinos. >> what do you think of people who call you racist? >> you know what i'm gonna say?
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n-o. the answer is no, period. i don't have to justify those allegations. i know what i am. it might make you think twice about complaining on yelp. the body review that cost one woman $700,000. >> why dozens of television channels suddenly went dark here in the bay area. and how a bay area mother and daughter turn their cookies into an empire. w c- e-o is doin for the first time in a long time, we are completely dry on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. will that stick around for the weekend? we're dry right now in the south bay. your forecast next. ,,,,
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ing back to the u- apple's new ceo is doing something the late steve jobs didn't think was even possible. he's bringing manufacturing back to the u.s. and spending $100 million to do it. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on apple's next big thing. a made-in-america label. >> reporter: ceo tim cook announced that starting next year, one line of mac computers will be designed and built in the usa. donald bell says with one line
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of macs, apple's not taking a huge risk but it is making a statement. >> for the apple factory to step out and say this is something that they want to do, manufacture here in the united states, it's a big deal. it's a big differentiator for this company. >> reporter: this is the image apple likes to project. happy workers. but that image has been tarnished by images of sweat shops. >> they love the computers, but we were talking about that over dinner and saying, you know, i don't know. it's not conscious consumerism, which is what we're really looking at. where is your money going? what is it supporting? people jumping off of buildings? >> reporter: it's rival google announced that it's new media streaming device is made in the usa. speculation is now rampant
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about what computer and where they will manufacture. elk grove is one area mentioned. we all know that fuel costs are up and worker wages in china have risen 15 to 20% in recent years. in palo alto, len ramirez, cbs 5. a lot of people turn on the television today and saw this. a black screen that says "your tv is not yet ready for comcast digital network." we got a lot of phone calls and e-mails from customers waiting where their signal went. in order to watch tv, you need a set-top box or digital adapter. here's how to get it. >> they can call us and we'll send them the equipment. or they can visit any of our service centers to pick up the equipment.
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>> the adapters are free for the first three tv's in your house. after that, comcast charges you. well, this might make you wonder if complaining on yelp is really worth it. one woman is being sued right now and it could cost her a fortune. >> chip reed on the bad reviews that came back to haunt her. >> reporter: a lawyer for jane perez flipped through pictures allegedly showing botched home repairs. the photos include door hinges, trash allegedly left behind and what are said to be strands of hair in a refinished floor. >> i think we presented evidence sufficient to establish that the work was not completed, that he charged for work that had not been done, and that the workmanship was very poor. >> reporter: perez hired dietz, a former high school class mat in june 2011, to do cosmetic work on her townhouse. on happy with the results, she
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gave him an f-rating on angie's list. on yelp, she suggested he stole jewelry. she ended her scathing review with this advice, bottom line, do not put yourself through this nightmare of a contractor. dietz issued his own response, then fired back with a 700,000 lawsuit for defamation. >> there was no question in my mind that i did 150% professional job in her house. >> reporter: he says perez's claims are all lies, lies that cost him 300,000 in lost business. >> people have a right to state how they feel, but when you state stuff as fact and it's not fact or it's not supported, there has to be some type of, for lack of a better word, punishment. >> reporter: wednesday dietz was awarded his first victory. a judge ordered perez to take down any allegations of theft and comments about legal action. >> if we need to, we will appeal, to make sure people are
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not afraid to speak out. >> reporter: the court still must decide whether there are grounds for a defamation case. chip reed, washington. all right, paula. we're going to yelp the weather this weekend. >> but it's gonna be nice, right? >> this one -- never use the word guarantee in weather. i've learned that. but you know what? this is pretty close. it's going to be a nice weekend coming up. i know it's only thursday. we like to call it friday eve. we will be dry right on through the weekend. hi-def doppler showing no rain. that's a change, because 12 of the past 20 days it has rained, but tonight it did not. a beautiful night for christmas in the park in san jose. we will take you there. believe it or not, it started way back in the 1950's with one single nativity scene. a beautiful night with mainly clear skies in the south bay. san jose, you'll drop down to
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45 tonight. fremont, 45. concord, 45. it's december. it gets chilly. and santa rosa, you'll be down to 41. san rafael, 45. but it's not just the chilly air. it's also going to be foggy. there's plenty of fog in the central valley. every once in a while that fog gets moved from the central valley into the bay area. that will happen tonight and many of you, away from the bay, will wake up to a foggy day tomorrow. once that's done, we are on cruise control of weather happiness. high pressure is going to be in control. a nice dry, northwest flow of air. weekend looks gorgeous. top of next week looks great as well. foggy tonight. after that, it's all about the dry. it's all about the wonderful weekend weather you will get to enjoy a gorgeous saturday and sunday. tomorrow, concord, 61. oakland, 63. san jose should be a beautiful day. sunshine, 64. low 60's with that morning fog for pleasant hill and low 60's
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for santa rosa, sausalito and downtown san francisco. gorgeous weekend. mid 60's with sunshine. monday and tuesday, mid 60's before showers return. ,,,,,,,,,,
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dollars. for a bay area mother and daughter, what started with just a few cookies turned into millions of dollars. >> cbs reporter elizabeth cook with the story behind the cookie empire. >> reporter: red velvet. pumpkin pie. double chocolate. shortbread. almond tea. peppermint crunch. and of course, you can't forget the classics. >> everybody likes chocolate chip. >> reporter: it's hard to find anybody who doesn't love a good cookie. that's just what jennifer finley and her mom were thinking when they baked up an idea for a business. >> those early days are just very fond memories for me. >> reporter: they started too good gourmet, a cookie company whose target customer is, well, anyone with a big sweet tooth and little time for shopping. >> we said let's just start baking cookies. and it was much harder than we ever thought. but here we are today.
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>> reporter: it didn't take long for too good gourmet to start getting gobbled up. today, they roll out nearly nine tons of dough per day. and it grew into a $9 million a year business. ray and his wife hit the factory store in son lorenzo, and within a couple of minutes, they were done with their christmas shop. >> everything is packed, ready for santa, and it makes it very easy. >> reporter: jennifer says there's no secret ingredient to their cookies or their success. but it doesn't hurt to add a little flair. >> it's all about the glitter. well, remember when people were wondering if peyton manning still had it? i'm dennis o'donnell. the answer is yes! the raiders found that out first hand. ,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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,, denver for first in the afc west. but since then the ras haven't going into november, the raiders were only one game behind denver for first place in the afc west. but since then, the raiders haven't won. and the broncos haven't lost. dennis allen, coaching just two days after the death of his
11:29 pm
father. peyton manning threw for 310 yards, hitting joel dreessen for six. it was 13-0 when the raiders finally woke up. carson palmer to darren mcfadden, playing for the first time since november 4. but it all fell apart in the third quarter. knowshon moreno from one yard out. broncos win 26-13. oakland loses their sixth straight game to fall to 3-and- 10. >> reporter: all right, dennis. here in oakland, vintage manning. greater mistakes when opportunity knocked. and a real rough week for coach dennis allen. >> you know, i went home on sunday, and i took my father off life support. and that's not easy to do. so was it hard? yeah, it was hard. but i know my father would want me to be here with this football team and i wanted to be here with this football
11:30 pm
team. >> waited too long. dropped the ball. >> there was a handful of different things that stopped us from being successful. on offense, i know. you just gotta keep grinding. >> fires it in. touchdown! >> he's a great quarterback. he has the right plays for the right situations. and it's still not an excuse. >> reporter: moving forward, the raiders now with 3-and-10. you've gotta wonder if management is now thinking of which players they'd like to keep for next year. in oakland, for the raiders, vern glenn, cbs 5. the newest bear is in the lair. that's right. sonny dykes was introduced as the new head coach of cal. he comes from louisiana tech. are you ready for the offense? >> what's exciting is our brand of football is fun.
11:31 pm
i think that's what's going to be exciting for the football fans out there. i think offensively, we're gonna put the ball in the air. we're gonna play at a fast pace. we're gonna be able to move the football and score points here at the no. 1 public institution in the country, in the no. 1 city in the country to live in, in these beautiful facilities, with these resources. how could you not wake up every morning excited? >> new stadium, new coach, new hope. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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